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About Us

The General Directorate of Metrology is a public and specialized institution that possesses the skills and expertise needed to be used as a reference for all measurements traceability in Albania.

Quality Management

The objective of quality policy of DPM is to establish, coordinate and manage the National Metrology System in the Republic of Albania.

Rreth Nesh


imkkkDrejtoria e Pergjithshme e Metrologjise ka implementuar sistemin e menaxhimit te cilesise ne perputhje me S SH ISO/IEC 17025:2006


  • Laboratori i mases
  • Laboratori i forces dhe fortesise
  • Laboratori i presionit
  • Laboratori i matjeve te temperatures
  • Laboratori i lageshtires
  • Laboratori i madhesive elektrike
  • Laboratori i volumeve


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