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Reth Nesh

The General Directorate of Metrology is a public and specialized institution that possesses the skills and expertise needed to be used as a reference for all measurements traceability in Albania.

Menaxhimi i Cilesise

The objective of quality policy of DPM is to establish, coordinate and manage the National Metrology System in the Republic of Albania.

Rreth Nesh


imkkkDrejtoria e Pergjithshme e Metrologjise ka implementuar sistemin e menaxhimit te cilesise ne perputhje me S SH ISO/IEC 17025:2006


  • Laboratori i mases
  • Laboratori i forces dhe fortesise
  • Laboratori i presionit
  • Laboratori i matjeve te temperatures
  • Laboratori i lageshtires
  • Laboratori i madhesive elektrike
  • Laboratori i volumeve


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